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Installation & Troubleshooting Tips

InstallationWebcam Installation Manual

Troubleshooting Tips

Setting up the webcam is quick and easy and there is no need to download or install driving software. Simply plug the USB 2.0 connector and let your computer recognize the device.

Our webcams are designed and optimized for excellent quality video streaming on multi-person video call apps. They are also designed with very wide system and software compatibility, able to work with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.

Therefore, our camera performance and set up depend on the computer camera driver that is already included in your computer. If the sound capture or image quality is not as expected (1920x1080 High Definition, or 2 MegaPixel resolution), the issue will most probably be with the setup of your computer’s camera driver. Tips:

  • Each computer model has a different driver, but in general, you can adjust the CW-201 webcam settings by opening the existing “Camera” app in your computer and adjusting the resolution to 1920x1080 (To find the driver, do a “camera” search on your Windows menu or open PhotoBooth on a Mac).
  • If your computer has an existing integrated camera, then the driver will give you an option to switch between the integrated camera and the CW-201 camera (will show as “USB Camera”). This is done via the driver’s pull down menu or sometimes a “switch” icon somewhere on the screen.
  • To ensure your CW-201 camera has been properly recognized by the computer, you can go to the device manager in your computer and open “Imaging Devices” and you will see the “USB Camera”. You can then disable the integrated camera if you don’t want to be switching between cameras.
  • The resolution of the images will also depend on the resolution of your screen. Obviously, a screen with a resolution of 720 will not be able to project images from the webcam at 1080
  • Finally, the CW-201 webcam is able to operate at 50Hz or 60Hz (this is frequency of alternating current, or AC, electricity). The standard in the United States and Canada is 120V and 60Hz frequency. Some drivers will allow you to select the correct frequency for better results.

Here is an example of the camera driver settings screen in a Dell computer with Windows 10 (again, this is an example and your camera driver screen might look different) :